About me

I'm a 20 something Canadian girl, living & working abroad in Hamburg, Germany.

I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor of Tourism Management, Certification Event Management. So yes, I love everything to do with travel. In fact, for 3 years I worked for one of the largest cruise bookings websites, and managed their content platform for 3 websites. Now, I am working in Global Event Marketing where I plan & market events globally. Not even 30 and worked in amazing jobs? Check mark! Now I want to take all my brain power I used managing websites, to my own travel and expat blog

So, how did you end up in Germany?

'Wherever you go, there you are'  is a favourite quote of mine. Sometimes, I really do think - how did I end up here? Well as I said, I love to travel and while I was travelling I met a boy. A year later I moved to Germany. It was a crazy move, with a lot of risk ( we were together for almost 6 years) - but everything has played out well for me. I can say, I have made tons of opportunity for myself and I don't regret a single minute.  That relationship unfortunately ended, but I’ve chosen to stay in Germany and continue to live my life abroad.

Why 'travels by teslin'?

My middle name is Teslin, I've always wanted to changed my name to it since I was a little girl. However, time ran by and now its too awkward to change my name now. Maybe, it's my 'alter ego' in a way?

Whats with the Anchor in your logo?

An anchor is a symbol of Hamburg, its also a symbol of the ocean and the friends I have made here. I have always lived by a large body of water in my life, and I feel that it fits. 

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